Would you like to know what Top Shot Photographers is all about?

Top Shot Photographers has the vision that wireless mobile devices are the key to the economic future growth of Digital Photography. Now more then ever with the range of individuals owning advanced digital camera technology, professionals and amateurs alike can ALL create beautiful images and intersperse them with the immediate click of their finger. Not only do we rely on images daily for advertising and proof of reality or fiction but many cameras and mobile devices transfer these images into the electronic community workspace at lightspeed for social and professional consumption.

What we see we more than often believe. Top Shot Photographers has created a marketplace mobile application allowing Photographers to join a digital and collaborative community with no focus but to share their best work with quick view mobile enabled portfolios and access to jobs in multiple creative sectors and genres of industry.

Our Application promotes a collaborative community Space for Photographers who want to seek growth in their portfolios and specified areas of photography. Photographers who practice in their professional industry can scout out talent agencies and employers in which they find interest and skilled image makers can promote their portfolios wherever whenever.

Whether you’re a company or an individual looking for the right visual match, the Top Shot Photographers application is your channel to scout out talented photographers enabling their most relevant content to be showcased to fit your required budget, project, or vision! Our Mobile application offers Photographers the full functionality to share their top portfolios and thus capitalize on potential Job Opportunities.

What is the Registration Process for photographers?

Signing up as a photographer is easy! You will need to complete the registration process and submit images to your portfolio. Our platform welcomes most photographers to submit and upload images.

What do we mean by most photographers?

Our Platform is open to photographers in the following categories of work: (Lifestyle, Advertising, Commercial, Product, Wedding, Engagement, Portrait, Event, Headshot, Maternity, Newborn, Senior/School, Family, Pet, Modeling, Beauty, Fashion, Swimwear, Boudoir, Food, Sport, Action, Dance, Concert, Architectural, Real Estate, Landscape, Urban, Street, Travel, Tourism, Aerial, Macro, Nature, Underwater, Creative, Night).

As a Photographer is your application free to use?

Upon registering, photographers may sign up as a free user under our standard subscription. Photographers may upgrade anytime to our spotlight subscription or choose to remain as a free user for a limited time only on our STANDARD subscription. Upgrading to Spotlight still allows you to cancel anytime and remain a free standard subscriber. If a photographer user permanently deletes his or her profile then new registration will be required to sign up again. 

What are our pricing/subscription plans for photographers?

We offer Photographers the following plans:

Standard: Free 

  • Unlock 2 Portfolio categories
  • Upload 20 images per Portfolio
  • Appy to 2 Jobs/month

Spotlight: $5.99/month

  • Unlock 4 Portfolio categories
  • Upload 30 images per Portfolio
  • Apply to 30 jobs/month
  • Add up to 30 behind the scenes photos

What benefits does our application offer to photographers?

Top Shot Photographers allows emerging and current professional photographers to upload their BEST images to easily viewable portfolios and browse/apply to potential employment listings. Photographers will be able to correspond with potential employers through our messaging function, all with ease.

Who are non-photographer users and what benefits do we provide them?

Non-photographer users may include individuals (Independent consumers), Companies, as well as other various industry-specific Enterprises & Institutions. These entities can develop profiles and post/edit professional job listings and browse/chat with matchable photographers. Our mobile platform lets non-photographer users browse a database of photographers based on various search criteria, such as photographic speciality, location, and desired budget.

How can I search for a photographer in my local area or a specified geographic location?

When searching for a photographer, our mobile platform will match your present location with nearby photographers and fetch them so they appear on your profile home screen. After that, you can review each photographer's profile and contact them via our messaging function. On top of that, you can filter out all nearby photographers by location, price, and category of work.

Who can post a job?

Anyone looking to hire a quality photographer.

How do I post a job?

Posting a job is easy. Register your profile and sign onto the app as a non-photographer user and start posting. THERE IS NO FEE TO POST A JOB. You may post as many jobs as you like.

How long will a job post remain active?

Individual job posts will be set with a start and end date criteria. Once the job has ended the job will get automatically closed out. Within their profile a Job lister can choose to close out a listing at any point. 

Once signed in as a photographer how do I apply to a Job post?

At the top of the screen on your profile page, you’ll see a tab titled "jobs". Click on it and get started!  Photographers may apply to any job listing. If an employer accepts your proposal our internal messenger will enable further correspondence between both parties.

Available on Android?

No, at present we are not offering our application on the Android Platform.

Does our application take a commission if hired for a job?

No, we do not.

What types of images may be uploaded?

Our application has developed certain portfolio categories for our Photographer users. Any images that contain certain inappropriate or abusive content will be removed and your profile may be revoked. Any and all suggestions for new portfolio categories can be sent to admin@topshotphotographers.com

Don’t see a category that fits your work when uploading your portfolio?

Send us an email and we’ll review your suggestions accordingly.

Does our application accept watermarked images?

No, we do not accept watermarked images. Your professional visibility is our priority and while we know and value how important the absolute proprietorship is behind your images we also want your images to be clean and presented with our brand and yours in mind. We do not claim copyright or ownership over any of your images and would never think of doing so. Our perspective is that unwatermarked images just look better to the artistic eye.

May I add OR delete photos to/from my Portfolio at any time?


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