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Photogenic Humanity

Posted: 12 October 2019

Gabriel Flores is a New York City-based photographer. With an Instagram of 144k followers, he is known for his photographic style mixing vivacity, authenticity, and natural beauty. One of his best skills is the ability to make his work a sensory experience; placing the viewer in a specific moment and evoking in them, the intimate emotion of his subject. Below are some examples. His pictures are where nature and humanity collide.

The Picture located in New Delhi evokes an element of mysticism. The man is smoking while looking at his rupees. The picture captures this mans’ mindset and begs the viewer to ask what exactly we are seeing. What is the man feeling? Where did this money come from? There are so many thoughts one may contemplate about this man making the picture evocative and interpretive. To the right, a lady in New York is captured. One could surmise that the general mood of the subject is loneliness and isolation, further exaggerated by the emptiness of what would typically be a very lively location. To the bottom, a picture of a boy in the streets of Old Havana is captured. The boy is in the foreground making direct eye contact at the camera. There are two other boys in the background. The unignorable element of movement in this picture exemplifies the boy’s youth and their lives in Havana. In most of his pictures human emotion and location work together. Gabriel’s pictures all feel alive and authentic. All his pictures tell a story.