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Fashion Hustler Vikram Pathak

Posted: 12 October 2019

Vikram’s Pathak is a south Asian fashion photographer based in New York. His work is bold and moody. Having photographed for Vogue, Elle, and Harpers Bazaar. he calls himself a “chameleon” because his work ranges vastly and does not fall under one label such as edgy or trendy. When viewing his work it becomes evident that he does not confine himself or his work to labels.

Some shoots are centered around a

model, while some have a heavy hand of cinematography. Although the saying is cliché “ a picture is worth a thousand words” comes to life through his images. One has to wonder what his artistic process is. In “ The Peacock Magazine” Pathak says that “ ones’ energy, experience, instincts, vision, thought process, exposure to various cultures, personal image making techniques etc. … that’s what makes one image maker different from another.” Perhaps it is the amount of influences that Pathak has that contributes to the layers of expression in his work.


His shoot “Summer Rain” for Jones Magazine, manages to resurrect the streets of New York. During the shoot, an unexpected turn arose when it started to pour. Vikram thought on his feet, incorporating umbrellas as a part of the aesthetic. In fact this unforeseen obstacle is what he believes made the shoot so unique. Pathak has a genuine love for the process; accepting that the original vision is rarely ever achieved and welcoming the possibility of something more authentic.

When Pathak captures models, each have a distinct expression. His fashion photography could be considered pure art to some more so than commercial because every image elicits emotion.

Vikram’s work is stunning, alluring, enticing, and raw.