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Finding Photo Studios for New Photographers

Posted: 12 October 2019

It can be hard to find good and economical photo studio rentals on the fly.

Your location and your budget might greatly impact where/when/and how you can conduct your photoshoot. Places like New York City have lots of businesses that are devoted to renting out studio spaces, but these companies do have issues. Not all, but many of these businesses don’t have enough diversity in their studio spaces, they tend to be more expensive, and they are not as easy to rent when you are on a time crunch.

We decided to put ourselves in the shoes of a photographer new to the industry and trying to find a studio to shoot in. Experienced photographers might be very familiar with these sites, but many new photographers might not know where to start. We searched “Photoshoot Studio Rentals” and reviewed the top 3 results to see which one we find to be the best for photographers who are newer to the game. :

Price: $ - $$$ Convenience: ✔✔✔✔

Overall: Definitely my favorite site to navigate. There were plenty of options for all different price ranges and the website was just fun to be on in general.

  • Best/ Most convenient/ Aesthetically pleasing website
  • Most Commonly rent per hour
  • Easy to book
  • Since the site is for renting all different kinds of places there is an eclectic choice of places to shoot in. You can rent very unique spaces, not necessarily just traditional studios.
  • It seems to have the most extensive info/background on the listed spaces and the renters. :

Price: $ - $$$ Convenience: ✔✔✔

  • A most common source of studio spaces amongst freelancers
  • Most commonly rent per hour
  • All different price ranges
  • Lists location amenities
  • Allows users to leave reviews on the studio spaces :

Price: $$ - $$$$ Convenience: ✖

Overall: Not quite sure why they list themselves as a place that rents photo studios. They have a page on their site that is extremely hard to find, that advertises having photo-studios for rent, yet the have absolutely no photo studios for rent. Based on what I could find they only rent office spaces. Would not use this site for photography purposes.

Looking for the best FREE and PUBLIC photoshoot locations worldwide?

the whole world is a playground Has great resources for specific places worldwide that are extremely picturesque and great for public photoshoots. Their database is extremely wide and easy to navigate. This might not be the best resource for professionals/ experienced freelancers who already have their favorite spots, but is a great tool for people just getting into things, or looking for somewhere new to shoot.