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6 Unique and Diverse Photography Publications

Posted: 12 October 2019

1. Black & White

Black & White Magazine is a unique publication that is curated strictly of black and white photography giving a distinctive look into fine art from the past to the current day.

2. Apetur

Aperture is a not-for-profit photography publication that uses its a platform to tackle important issues through photography and print such as; gender, feminism, over-incarceration, etc… This magazine is for lovers of art and leaders of social change alike.

3. Blink Magazine

Editor Kim Aram focuses on featuring new work from international artists in this colorful and captivating monthly magazine.

4. Light Work

Light Work began as an artist-run non-profit in 1973. They currently offer subscriptions to their publication Contact Sheet, as well as book and print subscriptions. Aside from their catalogs and books, Light Work offers grants and many unique work opportunities for artists. Their publications highlight artists of all different backgrounds and cover many different important social topics.

5. Frieze

Frieze is an editorial that not only has free online access to articles and photography but also has a physical monthly publication. They focus not only on photography but on other forms of physical art as well.

6. GUP Magazine

Founded in 2005 GUP Magazine is an international publication that puts out a magazine 4 times a year. They also curate photobooks and have an extensive website with articles and portfolios.